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Checking public records

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  • What should I look for when looking for a home to rent?

  • You橧I need to consider a number of things when you檙e looking for a home to rent. For example whether to rent from a landlord or letting agent and the best way to search for a property. You also need to think about what questions to ask your landlord or letting agent so you don lose money.

  • What to do when you see a rental property for sale?

  • When you see a great rental listing, consider searching the address to see if the property is listed for sale on another site. If it is, you might want to ask the owner why it for sale as well as for rent. Maybe the owner couldn sell the house quickly enough and decided to rent instead.

  • Is it possible to tell if a rental listing is real?

  • Of course, there is a chance the listing is real and you檙e getting a great deal, but be careful. Browse local listings to get a sense of typical rents prices for the area, and keep copies of all your communication with the landlord or property manager.

  • What should I do if the home is not for rent?

  • If the home is not currently for rent or sale, be sure to leave your contact information should the owner have a change of plans in the future.