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But,the most frequently used method to divide the house rent between roommates is tograb a calculator and divide the total rent by two. However,remember that this method will go out of the window if shared rooms don offer the same space/size or amenities.

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  • How do you split rent with roommates?

  • Divide rent evenly if the rooms are all about the same size. This is the simplest way to split rent with your roommates. Simply divide the total cost of rent by the number of rooms and have each roommate pay that amount if you all agree that the rooms are of equal size and value.

  • Is it fair to split rent by square footage?

  • While splitting rent by square footage sounds fair, it isn always going to be the most reasonable solution as it doesn account for how useable the space in each room is or for other features the rooms may have. Another way to fairly split the rent is to use Sperner lemma.

  • How do you calculate room share rent for a couple?

  • Divide the couple bedroom rent by two. Each partner pays $135 of the $270 rent that applies to their shared bedroom. Add each roommate share of the common area rent to their shares of the bedroom area rent. In this example, the single roommate $333.33 common area rent plus her $180 bedroom rent equals $513.33.

  • Can’t afford to split rent with your partner?

  • Money can be a sensitive topic for couples, but it’s important to be open and honest if you don’t feel like you can afford to split rent evenly with your partner. Ask your partner when a good time to talk is and sit down with them to try and work out an agreement that is fair for both of you.