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In order to rent your property to Section 8 tenants, you檒l need to do the following:Contact your local housing authority and fill out the application form for the property, which will include details about the house, including address, available appliances and the number of bedrooms.

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  • How does the government pay the rent for Section 8?

  • In some cases, the government pays 100 percent of the rent. In other cases, the tenant pays a portion of the rent and the government pays the rest of the rent. The landlord risk is greatly diminished. Section 8 Housing Voucher tenants tend to stay longer than market rate tenants, increasing the time between tenant turnover expenses.

  • How do I start receiving Section 8 tenants?

  • To begin receiving Section 8 tenants, start by contacting your local PHA to inquire about Section 8 housing landlord requirements. Each state has its own housing authority office, and many cities and counties also have their own PHAs.

  • What do you need to know about Section 8?

  • Section 8 is a rental assistance program run by the government. There are different procedures and requirements a landlord must follow when renting to a Section 8 tenant than when renting to a tenant who does not receive this housing choice voucher. Learn six risks that a landlord may face when dealing with the Section 8 program.

  • Do landlords get a tax credit for accepting Section 8 renters?

  • Contrary to some internet myths, landlords do not receive a tax credit for accepting Section 8 renters. Tenants apply with the local housing office in order to get Section 8 approved vouchers. Those prospective Section 8 tenants usually sit on a waiting list to join the program.