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On the Masters Housing Bureau Web site,,they can initiate the rental process with a click of a button. The office returns with a phone call to help the client make an offer and draw up a contract,Parr said.

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  • Do people rent out their homes for the Masters?

  • Many residents of Augusta rent out their homes for Masters week. The school system coordinates their spring break to fall on the same week, so families rent out their homes and leave town. This can be a great option, especially if you are coming to the Masters with a group of 4 or more guests.

  • What is the Augusta Masters home rental program?

  • Fifty years ago, the Augusta National Golf Club and the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce partnered to create a trusted home rental program for patrons visiting the Masters Golf Tournament.

  • What is the best rental agency for the Masters?

  • Masters Housing Bureau is the largest home rental agency for the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, and the only agency sanctioned by the Augusta National Golf Club.

  • How do I create a listing for my masters housing residence?

  • It’s easy to create a listing for your residence with Masters Housing using our new and improved website. Simply click the link below and our system will guide you through the process.