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The first step in renting your house for films is tocontact a location agency. Have a photographer take photos of your house,apartment or property. Ensure there are no pets or children in the pictures. To be safe,take a whole CD worth of images and send them to the location agent.

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  • Should you rent your home as a film location?

  • If you檝e never had the opportunity to rent your home as a film location ?you should consider keeping the price very low, to help generate awareness and stand out in the low-budget category.

  • Can you rent out your home to film crews?

  • Hollywood has been using private homes instead of studios to shoot films for a long time. This has created a great opportunity for many homeowners to make extra cash by renting out their house or apartment to film crews. Leaving your well-kept home to a 50-strong film crew is a scary thought for many people.

  • How can I get my house featured in a movie?

  • To get your home on the radar of production companies, you can register your home with agencies and film location scouts specializing in location scouting for movies and TV shows. You can also use your local film commission (more on both options later). You have to fill out an application and provide pictures of your property.

  • How much does it cost to film a house for film?

  • This will depend on your home location, it appearance and features, and how much the production company has to spend. For film productions with over 15 people, a typical range would be between $1,000 to $4,000 a day.