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  • Should you rent your home through a corporate housing company?

  • Before considering renting your home through a corporate housing company, figure out which businesses in your area need housing and whether you want to market your property directly to these companies, or through a third party. Heads up: if you live in an area where there are only a few major businesses, this part won be easy.

  • How to list a house with a corporate rental?

  • How to List a House With a Corporate Rental Step 1. Consider whether you want to list your home with a company that will manage all aspects of your rental, or that… Step 2. Visit corporate housing listing services online. Make a point of looking at the pictures and descriptions of the… Step 3. …

  • What is Corporate Housing and how does it work?

  • Whether you own a single property, an entire apartment building, or several homes, corporate housing is paying huge dividends for landlords across the country. Corporate housing provides property owners with the opportunity to rent their homes or apartments out to a company instead of the general public. The biggest benefit?

  • What to do if a company wants to rent your house?

  • Keep several copies of the lease agreement in the house to distribute to any representatives that visit the house. Once a term and rental sum is agreed to, have the company sign the lease agreement and keep the original and provide the company with a copy of the executed document.