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  • How do I rent corporate housing to a tenant?

  • Before renting corporate housing to a tenant, there are several steps that you need to take. First, you should have your potential renter fill out and submit a rental application. If you approve the application, you will need to provide your new tenant with a variety of documentation, including:

  • Should you list your home with a corporate housing rental service?

  • If you have a second home and would like to make some extra money, or are having difficulty selling the home you now live in, consider listing your home with a corporate housing rental service. Consider whether you want to list your home with a company that will manage all aspects of your rental, or that will just help match you with a tenant.

  • Can I Rent my furnished house as a corporate rental?

  • Offering your furnished house as a corporate rental is advantageous because corporations typically lease the property for definite periods of time, pay rent on time and take responsibility for any breach of obligations during the tenancy. To secure a corporate tenant, there are certain requirements you will need to meet.

  • What are the different types of corporate rental?

  • Corporate rental come in all shapes and sizes from short-term luxury homes for visiting executives who may be on secondment for a few weeks or months, to longer-term housing for construction workers and project managers who take projects and assignments away from their homes.