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  • How do I rent a property as corporate housing?

  • When it comes to renting a property as corporate housing there are a few good rules of thumb. The first is that the property should be furnished with quality appliances and furniture. The second is that you will be able to charge a corporate unit to rent for two times the unfurnished market rent.

  • Is it time to rent your house to corporate housing?

  • While the pandemic initially slowed corporate travel, companies are returning to the office and employees are traveling again for business meetings and company meet-ups. Short-term corporate housing is growing more and more?if you檙e thinking about renting your house to corporate housing, now is the time.

  • Should you list your home with a corporate housing rental service?

  • If you have a second home and would like to make some extra money, or are having difficulty selling the home you now live in, consider listing your home with a corporate housing rental service. Consider whether you want to list your home with a company that will manage all aspects of your rental, or that will just help match you with a tenant.

  • Is corporate housing a good investment for landlords?

  • Whether you own a single property, an entire apartment building, or several homes, corporate housing is paying huge dividends for landlords across the country. Corporate housing provides property owners with the opportunity to rent their homes or apartments out to a company instead of the general public.