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  • Where is the real Twilight house located?

  • The home, called the Twilight Swan House, is located in Saint Helens, Oregon. It has five bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and can sleep 10 guests. Fans of the movies will appreciate that many of the home features are still the same, like the green kitchen.

  • What is the Twilight Swan House?

  • For the first time ever, you are now able to experience the inside of the home, lovingly referred to as the Twilight Swan House. This house was featured as the home of Charlie and Bella Swan in the movie Twilight.

  • How much does it cost to stay at the Twilight House?

  • Lots of skylights throughout the residence offer gorgeous natural lighting and views of the nearby banana trees. There even a private bay not far from the home where guests can enjoy a swim. Not surprisingly, a night at the Twilight house isn cheap. If you檙e looking to book a stay there, be prepared to dish out around $3,512 per night!

  • Can you live out your 渢wilight?fantasies in this ?Twilight?House?

  • You can live out all of your wildest 淭wilight?fantasies and recreate your favorite movie moments to your heart content. The owners, Dean and Amber, have definitely leaned into the home 淭wilight?history.