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  • How much does it cost to rent the Home Alone house?

  • Credit: Sarah Crowley The iconic Home Alone house will be available to rent on Airbnb for just $25 (19). Up to four fans of the ’90s festive favourite can book a night at the McCallisters’ Chicago home for a one-night stay on December 12.

  • Can you stay in the original home alone house?

  • To celebrate the release of Home Sweet Home Alone, big brother Buzz will host an overnight stay in his childhood home while the McCallisters are away for the holidays. This holiday season, mischief makers can book a stay in the actual house where the Home Alone story began.

  • Where is the 楬ome Alone?house?

  • While the original cast of Home Alone has vacated the residence, the house still stands tall in the Chicago area. The house, which includes a fancy staircase and festive lounge area, is specifically located in Winnetka, Illinois. Starting on December 7, 2021, fans were able to rent the house for one night only.

  • Does Devin Ratray stay overnight in Home Sweet Home Alone?

  • Buzz was played by actor Devin Ratray in the original and Home Alone 2, and he also makes an appearance in the new Home Sweet Home Alone as a police officer. Ratray is not actually staying overnight, but photos of Buzz (and other Home Alone actors) will hang on the walls.