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  • Can I rent out my house and buy another one?

  • Let-to-buy mortgages The big challenge with let-to-buy is that you can’t simply rent out your home and buy another one without first switching your mortgage, as operating a buy-to-let property with a residential mortgage will be breaching the terms of your home loan.

  • How to handle your finances when buying a house to rent out?

  • To handle your finances, you need to pin down your costs, expenses, rental income, and match them all together. Make sure to account for all costs and expenses, including mortgage payments. You will most likely take out a mortgage for buying a house to rent out.

  • Should you rent or buy a second home?

  • Depending on what your financial situation is, sometimes that home is a larger one, sometimes it’s smaller, and sometimes homeowners decide they want to be renters instead. Sometimes, the plan is a bit more complicated — what if you decide to rent out your house for more than the cost of your current mortgage and buy a second home?

  • How can I use my home equity to buy another home?

  • Homeowners have a few different options for tapping into their home equity to buy another home. Choosing the right one really depends on your financial situation and goals. A home equity loan is a second loan on your home that uses your equity as collateral. These are typically fixed-rate, fixed-term loans.