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  • What is the difference between single family and multi family rental?

  • Single Family vs. Multi Family Rentals: Rental Income Unless a real estate investor owns multiple single family homes, rental income will automatically be higher for multi family homes. This is because multi family homes have more housing units and therefore more tenants occupying and providing rental income at any given time.

  • Is it hard to manage a multi family rental property?

  • With multi family rentals, rental property management can be a bit of a hassle for a real estate investor without experience or time. This involves multiple tenants to attend to as well as all kinds of issues with different units to handle. While it not impossible to manage, it can be difficult at first.

  • Should I invest in a multi family home?

  • Not only is there more rental income, but there is also less of a risk of facing $0 in income. If one housing unit becomes vacant, the multi family home is likely to have other occupied units to continue covering any costs of the investment property. The risk of ending up with a negative cash flow property is significantly lower.

  • How much does it cost to manage a multi family home?

  • A professional property manager will often charge 4-7% when it comes to a multi family home. Because single family homes are the more affordable investment properties, it easier to expand your investment portfolio with multiple single family homes rather than many multi family homes.