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  • How much does it cost to rent a house in Jersey Shore?

  • The average rent for houses in Jersey Shore, NJ is $14,448. Point2 includes 707 houses for rent in Jersey Shore, NJ to choose from, with prices between?175 and $250,000 per month. How to search痜or痟omes痶o痳ent痠n疛ersey Shore, NJ?

  • How many bedrooms does the Jersey Shore House have?

  • The home sleeps 11 people and rocks six bedrooms (but only one bathroom). It also offers two off-street parking spots. You can rent it yourself for $3,000 a night on 淛ersey Shore?was a popular (and controversial) reality series that aired on MTV from 2009 to 2012.

  • Is the seaside house from Jersey Shore for rent?

  • The Seaside, NJ, house featured in 淛ersey Shore?is available for rent. The listing dovetails with the reboot of a spinoff of the original series, which ended in 2012 (yes, time flies).

  • Is there a rideshare service at the Jersey Shore House?

  • Depending on the area, rideshare services may be available, but if you follow most people who get a Jersey Shore house, everything you need for a beach vacation will be in walking radius. When is the best time to stay in a vacation rental in Jersey Shore?