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For property owners who are hesitant to rent to you because of a low credit score,quiet their nerves with more money. Offer extra rent payments up front or agree to pay a higher security deposit. You can even offer to pay a little extra in rent each month across the term of your lease.

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  • How to rent an apartment with bad credit?

  • Just check out these steps on how to rent an apartment with bad credit. 1. Check your credit report Before you begin apartment hunting, your first step toward getting a rental (with bad credit or not) should be to check your credit report. You檙e entitled to a free copy at

  • Can I buy a home with bad credit?

  • Rent-to-own homes are the ideal choice for people with bad credit to get into the home they want to buy. Certainly we understand that every person, family and situation is different; therefore, we specialize in helping people take steps to homeownership.

  • Can a landlord deny a rental application for bad credit?

  • Some landlords might deny your rental application if you have blotchy credit, even if you have a spotless rental history and a sizable salary. Others may only check your credit to see if you have a previous eviction or other rental-related blemish on your credit report.

  • Do landlords check credit when you rent an apartment?

  • There no doubt landlords have a real fondness for tenants who pay their rent on time, and finding apartments that don check credit at all or are A-OK with a low credit score is rare.