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  • Should you rent to college students?

  • According to the College Board, 44% of college students live off campus 攖hat millions of students looking for housing each year. Of course, many landlords have their doubts when renting to this younger, less mature group, but with high demand, low vacancies, and chance to charge competitive rent, property owners can ignore this opportunity.

  • What to do when you rent an apartment as a student?

  • Once you rent the apartment you can build your credit by researching student credit card deals offered by most major banks. 6. Read the entire lease carefully before signing. When you find an apartment and have been approved it will be time to sign the lease.

  • What do college students look for in a rental?

  • College students have slightly different priorities for a rental than typical long-term renters. They value proximity to campus and affordability over premium amenities and space.

  • What do you need to rent a house while in school?

  • If you are currently in school, be prepared to show that you can afford your rent. Some landlords will accept a financial aid award letter from your school as proof of income. Otherwise, you may need to show pay stubs or a bank statement when you complete your application.