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  • How do you rent a house with bad credit?

  • Bring recent pay stubs, your tax returns, and a letter from your current employer verifying your employment status when you go to apply to rent a house. Most landlords will consider an income equal to 30-40 times the monthly rent to be high enough to rent to someone with bad credit.

  • What to do if you get evicted from an apartment?

  • Get square with your old landlord. When you get evicted from an apartment, the eviction appears on your credit report or in a background check. Before you try to rent another apartment, do your best to make things right with the old landlord, and ask whether he or she would consider having the eviction removed from your credit report.

  • Can a landlord refuse to rent with a bad credit score?

  • Sometimes a poor credit score is due to difficult circumstances outside of your control, so it can be frustrating when this is the reason you檙e denied a rental. However, landlords must run these checks to keep themselves safe and make sure they檙e protecting their properties.

  • Can a landlord remove an eviction from your credit history?

  • If you feel that the eviction is unfair, you could seek assistance from a lawyer to learn if you can take any legal action, including going to court, to settle any disputes. But, the landlord might be willing to remove the eviction from your credit history if you settle disputes and pay for outstanding claims.