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How to Rent a House When Relocating Looking for a JobFinding the Right House. If you檙e moving to a new city,you don have the luxury of spending time exploring neighborhoods and touring homes.Financial Matters. Landlords want to know you can make the monthly rent payment,so they don view someone who is unemployed as a good risk.Expand Your Search. …Alternatives to Consider. …

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  • How to find a place to rent when you檙e moving?

  • Finding a place to rent when you檙e moving to a new city can be tough. Aside from the fact that you檙e not physically there to check out properties, you檙e generally left guessing when it comes to what neighborhood would be the best for you and what reasonable rent prices are in the area. Thankfully though, the internet exists.

  • Should you own or rent your home when you move?

  • Owning a home adds an extra step to your relocation process. It not as simple as just giving your landlord a 30-day notice攜ou need to work with top-notch real estate agents to sell your home quickly and find the right place for you in your new city. A quality real estate agent is an extremely helpful resource for homeowners looking to move.

  • How do I get a mortgage when relocating?

  • Once you’ve sorted out the employment considerations of getting a mortgage when relocating, there are still some steps to take before closing on a house. First, research your target city. If you have friends, family or contacts there, ask them about good neighborhoods and local logistics.

  • How do I rent a house in a new city?

  • Renting in a new city, and especially from afar, requires listening to your intuition and avoiding any red flag rental situations. Do as much research as you can on any potential landlords (a site like Rate My Landlord or Review My Landlord is a good place to start), and never send cash, even upon request.