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In the Netherlands,verbal agreementsregarding renting a house are still binding but a written agreement is preferred. The prices quoted on the listings are usually negotiable,and your agent will negotiate a contract with the owner agent. This will often be done verbally.

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  • What are the rules for renting in the Netherlands?

  • Tenants who are renting in the Netherlands typically pay a rental security deposit, along with the first month rent. This is usually equal to between 1-3 months?rent. The landlord will return the deposit when you move out, minus any money you owe for rent arrears or damages.

  • How to find a rental property in the Netherlands?

  • Some of the most popular sites for looking for rentals in the Netherlands are: You can also find many estate agents ( verhuurbureaus) in the Netherlands. Commissioning an agent to find you a place will typically incur a fee equivalent to one month rent.

  • How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Amsterdam?

  • According to Numbeo, average prices for renting in the Netherlands are currently between 鈧?810-1,020 a month for a one-bedroom apartment and between 鈧?1,250-1660 a month for a three-bedroom apartment. For Amsterdam, this rises to between 鈧?1,200-1,590 for a one-bedroom apartment and between 鈧?1,865-2655 for a three-bedroom place.

  • How much does it cost to rent a building in Netherlands?

  • Buildings are usually divided into rooms and rented out for minimal costs (sometimes as low as 鈧?150 a month) but tenants have fewer rights and will sometimes have to move out at very short notice. Online property portals are very popular for renting in the Netherlands.