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  • What do you need to know about renting in Switzerland?

  • Renting in Switzerland is a long thorough process, and there are many things to consider before deciding to go through with it. Given that more than half of the population rents, it is a very regulated process. Before deciding to rent in Switzerland, you should know about the cost, tenancy laws, and how to find an apartment in Switzerland.

  • How much does it cost to buy a house in Switzerland?

  • The asking price for 80% of properties falls within the range between CHF 1,200 and CHF 5,804. The median price per m Switzerland is CHF 238 / m (price per squared meter). Where can you find cheap houses for rent Switzerland?

  • How to find an apartment to rent in Zurich?

  • If you檙e interested in renting an apartment in Zurich, you should know that it is in the topmost expensive places to rent in Switzerland. You can usually find apartments via websites with listings. The average prices for apartment renting in Zurich are:

  • How many people in Switzerland own or rent their home?

  • Around 40% of people own their home, while 60% of housing being rental homes. Rental rates are even higher in popular cities like Zurich, Basel, and Geneva and somewhat lower in rural areas. As so many people of all ages and family situations rent, there is a broad range of property types available.