People also ask

  • Why choose an agent when renting a property in Scotland?

  • The recommended option would be to choose an agent. Why? Because it simply offers the best protection when you’re renting any Scottish property and guarantees a certain security as they are registered with a trading body or similar association.

  • What are the different types of tenancies in Scotland?

  • Information for Scottish secure tenants and short Scottish secure tenants. Information on the types of tenancies that exist for tenants of private landlords and the housing rights each type has. Includes regulated tenancies, assured and short assured tenancies, private residential tenancies, common law tenancies and HMOs.

  • Can you apply for council housing at 16 in Scotland?

  • Most people over the age of 16 can apply for council housing anywhere in Scotland. This page explains more about how to make an application. Applying for council housing is not the same as applying to the council as homeless. You can make a homeless application if you have nowhere safe or permanent to stay.

  • Can a tenant transfer from one council house to another?

  • Any council tenant can apply to transfer from one council property to another. Most transfers take place within the same council area, but several schemes exist that can help you move to another council house in another area of the UK. The section on transfers and mutual exchanges has more information.