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  • Is there a guide to rent property in France?

  • For the latest in-depth analysis, and access to a Helpline, subscribe to our news service at France Insider . Welcome to our Guide to Renting Property in France. The guide has been written for those seeking to rent property in France on a medium to long term basis, as well as those seeking to rent holiday accommodation.

  • Can I rent my property as a second income in France?

  • Letting property in France can be a tax efficient method of obtaining a second income. However, you need to choose your property and your tenant with care, as returns vary substantially across the country and tenants who occupy the property as their main residence have strong of security of tenure.

  • Is it worth it to buy a house in France?

  • However, France has relatively high transaction costs at around 16% of the property value. This means that if you anticipate moving within 3-5 years, the additional costs associated with buying are likely to outstrip any profit you may make. You can find various different property types to rent in France.

  • Why rent a holiday home in France?

  • France has a number of exceptional holiday destinations which are easily accessible for both short breaks and longer summer vacations. Renting a holiday home is an excellent way to experience what France has to offer whilst letting a property is the ideal way to evaluate a region of France before purchasing a property.