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Bring recent pay stubs,your tax returns,and a letter from your current employer verifying your employment statuswhen you go to apply to rent a house. Most landlords will consider an income equal to 30-40 times the monthly rent to be high enough to rent to someone with bad credit.

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  • How can I get an apartment with bad credit?

  • If you have poor credit, one way to strengthen your apartment application is by offering to pay several months of rent upfront, because it gives the landlord more assurance that you檙e going to be a responsible tenant. 淟andlords don say 榥o?to money,?so this could be your in to a low credit score apartment, King says.

  • Can I rent a property with bad credit history?

  • Letting agents and landlords will rent properties to you if someone else who does have a good credit history agrees to be your guarantor.

  • Is it hard to rent with a bad credit score?

  • The cold truth is that renting with a bad credit score is hard. Property management is a form of business, so there is no wonder why landlords prefer dealing with those who can prove their financial stability.

  • Do you need a cosigner to rent a house with bad credit?

  • Co-sign Your Rental Agreement If you have a low credit score, your goal is to give your landlord extra reassurance that you will make a reliable tenant. The easiest way to do so is to find a co-signer, aka rent guarantor, to cover your back.