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When you find an apartment you like and ask to fill out an application,be direct. Tell the landlord that you are unemployed but looking for work. Then explain how you plan to pay your rent and,if the landlord requested,show him or her your documentation.

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  • Can you rent an apartment when you are unemployed?

  • Renting an apartment when you are unemployed can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Both independent landlords and property management companies may be willing to rent to you if you show that you can pay your rent on time.

  • How to find a good landlord when you are unemployed?

  • Plan to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to many potential landlords in order to find one who will work with you. Landlords want to know you can make the monthly rent payment, so they don view someone who is unemployed as a good risk.

  • How to find a rental house without a job?

  • You may find yourself in a chicken-and-egg situation: being a local gives you an edge when hunting for a job, but not having a job makes it more difficult to rent a place to live. Enlisting others to assist you and presenting yourself in the best light will help you find the rental house you need.

  • What should I put on my resume when renting a house?

  • If you already have a good rent and work history, show it off. Try creating a renter resume or offering up good references to your landlord. 淛ust bring up what you made in the past and that you are planning on being in whatever city you檙e in for quite some time,?says Wingfield.