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You can find accommodation to rent from a private landlord by:looking for adverts in local newspapers using a local letting agency. They will charge certain fees,but can charge you for registering with them or showing you a list of their properties

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  • How do I find a private landlord for rent?

  • Your council or a local advice agency may have lists of private landlords. You can’t claim benefits to help with rent until you’ve found a tenancy. You usually need to show a tenancy agreement. Both housing benefit and universal credit are paid in arrears so you usually need to pay your up front costs of renting yourself.

  • What is it like to rent a house from a private owner?

  • Renting from a private owner is much different than renting from a property management company, and each offers unique benefits and some challenges. Best of luck finding that ideal place, whether it a sleek high-rise in the city or a beachfront bungalow.

  • Why rent with private landlords?

  • Private landlords benefit by advertising all rental properties absolutely FREE, so if have a buy to let property, HMO and other rental properties we are the best place to find a new tenant. Learn more at Private Landlords Potential renters can browse a varied and extensive selection of flats, apartments and homes for rent across the UK.

  • Should you rent from a property owner or a tenant?

  • Renting from a property owner could save you money. A private landlord may be more willing to negotiate on rent and fees, especially if they only have one rental property.