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  • How do I Turn my Home into a vacation rental?

  • Talk to your insurance company about turning your home into a rental, and ask what additional coverage you might need. Don skimp on the necessities: Keep an abundance of sheets and towels on hand in your vacation rental home in case you need extras for new guests.

  • What do you need to know about renting a vacation home?

  • 淵ou檙e basically having to market your house and get people to want to stay there.?Renting a vacation home is a business, which means you檒l need the proper business tools in place, from being able to accept credit cards as payment to paying lodging taxes to getting the home cleaned quickly and completely between guests.

  • How do I finance a vacation home?

  • The first step to financing your vacation home is understanding what mortgages are available and their rules about renting: Primary residence loans. These loans are the most favorable, and you檒l get the lowest possible mortgage rates. These loans require you to move into the home within 60 days of closing and live in it for at least one year.

  • What is the best place to rent a vacation rental?

  • 1 The Best Vacation Rental Sites. To help you sift through the options, I tested more than a dozen top vacation rental sites to figure out which ones offer the best … 2 Airbnb. … 3 … 4 Expedia. … 5 HometoGo. … 6 … 7 Tripadvisor. … 8 Tripping. … 9 Vrbo. … 10 Plum Guide. … More items…