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  • Should you stay in a vacation rental this summer?

  • If you’re planning to stay in a vacation rental this summer, you’ll have to follow a few basic vacation house rules ?some written, some not. A new study by Europ Assistance and its subsidiary Generali Global Assistance concludes vacation rentals are a top choice for most travelers.

  • What can summer house teach us about vacation?

  • Well, Summer House and its cast can teach us a few things about maximizing a vacation at such an expensive location. Even though the house is over 4,000 square feet, it’s only listed as having four bedrooms.

  • What makes a good location when buying a house to rent out?

  • A good location generally has the following: Lenient laws and regulations (especially if you檙e buying a house to rent out on Airbnb) It takes good research skills to find a location with the above factors when buying a house to rent out.

  • Where can I find the House Rules for a vacation rental?

  • When you rent a home, the house rules will be displayed on the listing page and the owner might send you more detailed vacation house rules once you book. Typically, they’ll also be in the guest folder when you arrive.