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Homerentals are hot this summer. Such traditional home rental platforms as Airbnb and Vrbo are sold out in popular markets. You can search all of the popular sites through a metasearch site such as But there are other choices. Subscription-based accommodations may be the biggest lodging trend of this summer.

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  • How do I Rent my Home as a vacation rental?

  • It super simple to do. Simply sign up and list your home with a popular vacation rental website. Good luck. These insider vacation rental tips were provided by Jefferson Pezzella, a long-time vacation rental host. Home Stratosphere Giveaways…

  • What can summer house teach us about vacation?

  • Well, Summer House and its cast can teach us a few things about maximizing a vacation at such an expensive location. Even though the house is over 4,000 square feet, it’s only listed as having four bedrooms.

  • Should you buy a home and rent it as a rental?

  • If you wish to take it to the next level, you can buy a home with the intention to rent it year-around as a rental (and block off the few weeks you wish to use it). In other words, there are many ways you can generate revenue from your home in the vacation rental market.

  • How much can you earn by renting out your home?

  • Example: one small suite earns $24,600 in 14 months. Learn how to turn your home into a revenue machine! Whether you wish to rent your home a few weeks a year (help pay for your vacation) or all year long, the fact is you need to attract the right guests and be able to command the amount of money that makes it worth it to you.