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Homerentals are hot this summer. Such traditional home rental platforms as Airbnb and Vrbo are sold out in popular markets. You can search all of the popular sites through a metasearch site such as But there are other choices. Subscription-based accommodations may be the biggest lodging trend of this summer.

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  • Is it easy to rent a vacation home?

  • If you檙e looking to rent a vacation home but don know where to start, you檙e not alone. Finding the perfect holiday getaway isn easy, but there are ways to set yourself apart from the herd and guarantee you get the residence you want without breaking your budget.

  • What can summer house teach us about vacation?

  • Well, Summer House and its cast can teach us a few things about maximizing a vacation at such an expensive location. Even though the house is over 4,000 square feet, it’s only listed as having four bedrooms.

  • How to find a vacation home rental near me?

  • If you檙e not sure where to start, your first step should be to nail down your destination and the approximate timing of your trip. Once you檝e made these decisions, a real estate agent who specializes in your area can be helpful in finding a vacation home rental.

  • How do I buy a vacation home?

  • 1. Start Your Search Early. Avoid some of the stress and excessive costs that can go with trying to secure a vacation home, particularly during peak season and on short notice, by thinking, researching and planning at least six months (but preferably a year) in advance.