People also ask

  • Can I rent if I’m a student?

  • Students need to provide evidence of their income to support their ability to pay rent such as pay slips from a casual job or statements showing Youth Allowance or Rent Assistance payments. Being a student shouldn’t restrict you from renting, providing you can prove you can afford the rent each week.

  • What do you need to rent a house while in school?

  • If you are currently in school, be prepared to show that you can afford your rent. Some landlords will accept a financial aid award letter from your school as proof of income. Otherwise, you may need to show pay stubs or a bank statement when you complete your application.

  • What are your landlord’s responsibilities when renting to students?

  • When you檙e renting to students, all the other normal landlord responsibilities apply, including gas safety and fire safety regulations and deposit protection rules. Also remember that, under right to rent rules, you檙e obliged to check the immigration status of your tenants by asking for documents like passports or visas.

  • Who pays the rent for college?

  • Third Party Payment: It is very common for a student attending college to have their rent paid by someone else. Often, a student parents are the ones who are paying the rent, and they will serve as co-signers on the lease. Other students will have their living expenses paid as part of their financial aid package.