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Go online and search through rental sites to find places you like. As a student,the closer you can get to campus,the easier things will be. Look on a rental site like Zillow or Craigslist and scout out apartments that may work for you based on the price and the area.

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  • Can I rent a house as a student in the UK?

  • * There is no legal minimum credit score for renting in the UK ?this just indicates how likely you are to miss rent payments, but is unlikely to stop you from renting as a student. Local student letting agencies are the obvious place to start, though some students prefer to deal directly with the landlord.

  • What do landlords need to know about renting to students?

  • Our guide to student lettings runs through what landlords need to know for renting to students, from council tax to HMO rules and landlord insurance. The new academic year is almost upon us, and if you檙e about to hand your buy-to-let keys over to a group of students, you may be on to a good thing.

  • Should you invest in a student rental property?

  • Investors searching for the next big opportunity can consider exploring houses for college students to rent. A student rental property investment equals consistent demand and high rental yield for investors. Investors can avoid potential risks by requiring rental insurance and working with property managers.

  • What do you need to rent a house while in school?

  • If you are currently in school, be prepared to show that you can afford your rent. Some landlords will accept a financial aid award letter from your school as proof of income. Otherwise, you may need to show pay stubs or a bank statement when you complete your application.