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In college towns,some landlords offer leases that cover the school year,beginning in the fall and ending at summer break. Other landlords may insist on traditional 12-month leases. If you plan to go home for summer vacation,ask your landlord for a lease that covers only the time that you檒l be in school.

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  • Should you rent a house near a college or university?

  • The demand for housing near a college or university campus is usually very high. Since new students attend the school each year, there is usually a steady demand for rentals, which could lead to fewer vacancies. Professors and staff might be interested in renting with you as well.

  • Who pays the rent when you attend college?

  • Third Party Payment: It is very common for a student attending college to have their rent paid by someone else. Often, a student parents are the ones who are paying the rent, and they will serve as co-signers on the lease. Other students will have their living expenses paid as part of their financial aid package.

  • Is it good to rent to students?

  • Updated May 28, 2019 Renting to students is one of the ways to make money as a landlord, especially if your property is located in the vicinity of a college campus. Before you consider this tenant base, however, you need to learn the pros and cons and other information about this type of tenant. Profile of a Student Renter

  • Can a landlord refuse to rent to a college student?

  • The simple answer is no. Refusing to rent to students would be considered discrimination, especially since many students are between the ages of 17 to 25 and the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on age. It important to avoid stereotyping potential tenants since not all college students are young adults.