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How to Rent an Apartment or House: A Guide for College Students and Recent GraduatesShow Landlords that You Mean Business. Make a good first impression with prospective landlords by promptly responding to messages and showing up on time for appointments to view an apartment.Get Your Finances in Order. …Put Together a List of Employment and Personal References. …Be Prepared to Find a Co-Signer. …Check Lease Length. …

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  • Should you rent a house near a college or university?

  • The demand for housing near a college or university campus is usually very high. Since new students attend the school each year, there is usually a steady demand for rentals, which could lead to fewer vacancies. Professors and staff might be interested in renting with you as well.

  • Who pays the rent when you attend college?

  • Third Party Payment: It is very common for a student attending college to have their rent paid by someone else. Often, a student parents are the ones who are paying the rent, and they will serve as co-signers on the lease. Other students will have their living expenses paid as part of their financial aid package.

  • How do I rent an apartment as a student?

  • The first step is to contact the landlord to take a look at the place, and this is where it helps to mention that you檙e a student. If you like the apartment and it within your budget, your status as a student shouldn keep you from the getting the place攅specially if you have a co-signer to cover your obligation to pay the rent.

  • Is it good to rent to students?

  • Updated May 28, 2019 Renting to students is one of the ways to make money as a landlord, especially if your property is located in the vicinity of a college campus. Before you consider this tenant base, however, you need to learn the pros and cons and other information about this type of tenant. Profile of a Student Renter