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How to Rent an Apartment or House: A Guide for College Students and Recent GraduatesShow Landlords that You Mean Business. Make a good first impression with prospective landlords by promptly responding to messages and showing up on time for appointments to view an apartment.Get Your Finances in Order. …Put Together a List of Employment and Personal References. …Be Prepared to Find a Co-Signer. …Check Lease Length. …

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  • Should you rent a house near a college or university?

  • The demand for housing near a college or university campus is usually very high. Since new students attend the school each year, there is usually a steady demand for rentals, which could lead to fewer vacancies. Professors and staff might be interested in renting with you as well.

  • Can a landlord refuse to rent to a college student?

  • The simple answer is no. Refusing to rent to students would be considered discrimination, especially since many students are between the ages of 17 to 25 and the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on age. It important to avoid stereotyping potential tenants since not all college students are young adults.

  • Should investors consider renting to students?

  • One of the biggest concerns about rental properties is tenants not paying rent on time or at all. Luckily, when renting to students, investors will typically encounter extreme consistency for several reasons. Firstly, many college students receive financial assistance from their parents.

  • What are the rules for renting to students in the UK?

  • When you檙e renting to students, all the other normal landlord responsibilities apply, including gas safety and fire safety regulations and deposit protection rules. Also remember that, under right to rent rules, you檙e obliged to check the immigration status of your tenants by asking for documents like passports or visas.