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  • Should You furnish your rental property?

  • If you choose to furnish your rental property, remember that you may be able to charge more for rent, but furnished rental properties often catch the eye of short-term tenants more than long-term tenants who wish to personalize the property to their style and needs.

  • What is a furnished rental?

  • What Is a Furnished Rental? A furnished rental is a property that comes with the basic furniture a tenant will need to live in the space, like a couch, beds, a coffee table, a dining room table and chairs, and basic kitchen appliances, but an unfurnished rental will not come with any of those items.

  • How much can landlords charge for a furnished long-term rental?

  • On average, landlords can typically charge 15 to 20 percent more for a furnished long-term rental. For reference, a long-term rental refers to a few months or more, whereas a short-term rental is usually a few weeks or a month, which includes vacation rentals.

  • Where can I find furnished units for rent?

  • Many furnished units you can find on various rental platforms are from subletters, or suites within someone primary residence. However, many landlords rent their units furnished as well as a means of increasing the profitability of their rental property.