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This is the official government website used by landlords all over the country to connect with Section 8 voucher holders. An alternative is tocall 415-715-3280to list your property. Upload pictures of your home and the specifications of the house,including the address,size,age,amenities,bedrooms,monthly rent and deposit amount.

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  • How to get Section 8 housing for rent?

  • In the same way, private companies have an online database to provide available section 8 housing. People having section 8 can seek houses for rent by owner accepting section 8 easily from those sources. So it is important to know section 8 and the processes to get houses from the owner.

  • How do I find Section 8 listings on Trulia?

  • But Section 8 listings do exist in many cities, and one of the easiest ways to find them is with Trulia rental search. Start by entering the city, neighborhood, or even a school you檇 like to live near into the search bar. Click on 渕ore?near the top of the search results page. Enter 淪ection 8?in the field labeled 渒eyword.?Click 淪earch.?/div>How to find houses for rent from owners who accept Section

  • How to avoid confusion and delays with Section 8 housing?

  • To avoid confusion and delays, it is important that you stay in constant communication with your Section 8 housing authority representatives. These individuals can help you locate and obtain program houses for rent. Are there many Section 8 houses for rent in my city?

  • What are the different types of Section 8 vouchers?

  • There are two kinds of vouchers. Project-based vouchers can only be used for a specific housing development. Tenant-based vouchers can be used for any houses for rent by an owner who accepts Section 8 and that meet program guidelines. Who qualifies for Section 8 vouchers?