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You can find out if a house is rented or owned bychecking public records or by asking the current owners directly. If you檙e dealing with rentals,it best to verify the property status through public records. Check your county Property Assessor Office or check online for free.

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  • How do I find out if a house is a rental?

  • Online Browsing. If a house is a rental property, you may be able to find evidence of this through a simple online search. Consider searching the web using terms that incorporate the address of the home plus the words for rent or lease.. Although this method can still turn up empty even if the property is, indeed, a rental,…

  • How do you find out who owns a property?

  • An online search of county tax rolls reveals the address of the property owner. By far the easiest and most efficient way to determine whether or not a house is owned or rented by the current residents is to ask them directly.

  • How do you find out the name of a landlord?

  • Likewise, you can use online public records to find the names of homeowners using just an address. Even if the rental you’re inquiring about isn’t actively for sale or rent, you can look up the landlord’s name using the local government’s website.

  • Why is it hard to find property owners when renting?

  • Property owners are harder to find when their homes aren’t actively for rent or when they simply don’t want to be contacted. If a rent ad directs you to a property management company or a real estate broker, chances are you can’t deal directly with the landlord and they prefer a third-party handles renters.