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  • What should I know before renting a house with a friend?

  • Before you enter into a rental agreement with friends, here are three essential things you should know. 1. Rental regulations and restrictions Shared accommodation is becoming more restricted due to changes in regulations being increasingly enforced rigidly across councils throughout the UK.

  • Where can I find friends to rent a friend?

  • has Friends from around the world available for hire. Rent a Friend to attend a social event, wedding, or party with you. Hire someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to a movie or a restaurant with. Hire a Friend to show you around a new town, teach you a new skill/hobby, or just someone for companionship.

  • Can you rent a property to family and friends?

  • Renting a Property to Family and Friends: What Are the Rules? It very common to rent your empty house or flat to family and friends. This is a great option when you don want to sell and you檇 rather not go through the process of finding tenants on the open market.

  • What questions should I ask when renting a house in the UK?

  • Ask what documents you橧I need to show to prove you’re allowed to rent in the UK. Ask who they will want to contact for references, for example your current landlord or employer.