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Renters can contactreal-estate agents,which is probably the easiest way to find housing but it can be pricier. Renting through websites is another option,as there are a lot of websites that provide rentals for people moving to Germany. They provide information on what is needed and what comes with the housing.

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  • How to rent an apartment in Germany?

  • Some of the most common ways of renting are: You can rent an apartment through an estate agent in Germany since it is usually easier, but sometimes it comes at a price. Estate agents are hired by owners to help in selling or renting their apartments or houses. However, fees are included for the services provided by the agents.

  • How do I find a house in Germany?

  • As in many countries, online property portals are an increasingly popular way to find homes in Germany. Many of these sites are only available in German, however, these can often be translated using Google. Some of the most popular housing portals in Germany include: Immobilien Scout 24

  • What are the floor numbering of German apartment listings?

  • Don get confused by the floor numbering of German apartment listings. In Germany, floors carry the following names: 1. Etage (First floor above the ground floor) 2. Etage, etc. 8. Definition of number of rooms in an apartment in Germany The kitchen and bathroom of a flat in Germany are never counted as a room.

  • How high are house prices and rents in Germany?

  • House prices and rents have risen dramatically in Germany in the last decade. That trend shows no sign of abating. In 2017, rents on new contracts rose by 4.5%, slightly down on the 4.9% recorded in 2016.