People also ask

  • How do you find a tenant to rent a house to?

  • Search Craiglist for available rental homes in your area. Then contact the renters by phone and explain your situation. Some will be willing to rent to you sight unseen; others will not. Plan to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to many potential landlords in order to find one who will work with you.

  • How do I rent an apartment out of State?

  • For the apartments that make your shortlist, get in touch with the landlord. Calling instead of emailing will probably be more efficient. Let the landlord know of your current situation, that you are trying to rent an apartment out of state, and how you can visit in person.

  • How do I rent a house in a new city?

  • Renting in a new city, and especially from afar, requires listening to your intuition and avoiding any red flag rental situations. Do as much research as you can on any potential landlords (a site like Rate My Landlord or Review My Landlord is a good place to start), and never send cash, even upon request.

  • Should I use a real estate agent to find a rental property?

  • For example, if your budget requires you to look for cheap houses for rent, you can do a preliminary search on HomeFinder to get an overview of the available rental homes in your price range. An agent will have access to more detailed, insider information on rental homes available, and can help you make the best decision for your needs.