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  • Should you buy a second home and rent out the first?

  • Here are some of the benefits of buying a second home and renting out the first: You will have an extra source of monthly income as long as the house is occupied and the rental rate is high enough to cover your mortgage.

  • Can you rent out your first home?

  • The key to success in renting out your first home is conducting proper due diligence and preparing well. Here are some important tips on how to rent your house and buy another like a pro: It possible for property owners to rent out a mortgaged house.

  • Can you buy a second property in the UK?

  • Buying a second property. Around 10 per cent of Brits currently own a second property, either in the UK or overseas. Most of these properties are buy-to-lets, though a proportion are holiday homes or second homes. If you’re thinking of buying an additional property, consider these questions first of all.

  • Can you rent out your primary home before buying another?

  • One possible way is through renting out your primary residence before buying another. For instance, if you have been living in a particular place for some time and your family has expanded, you may want to move to a bigger house and convert your current house into a rental property.