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  • How to buy a house to rent out?

  • Choosing your strategy will determine where you look (location), what type of investment property you should buy, where to go in your research, and what analysis indicators to focus on (like expected rental income). This will help you in the next steps for buying a house to rent out.

  • Is it possible to buy a house in the UK?

  • There are many types of property to buy in the UK; many who move there choose to buy rather than rent. Prices vary greatly across the different countries and regions, but mortgages in the UK are available for those who can afford it. This guide to buying a home in the UK looks at: Can expats buy property in the UK?

  • Should you buy your home from your landlord or rent?

  • Having a mortgage can lead to you owning your home, whereas rent is often seen as 榙ead?money. On the other hand, some people enjoy the flexibility of not being tied to a long-term mortgage. Here are the key points if you檙e thinking of buying your home from your landlord. 1. Understand the costs of owning a property

  • Can you buy a second property in the UK?

  • Buying a second property. Around 10 per cent of Brits currently own a second property, either in the UK or overseas. Most of these properties are buy-to-lets, though a proportion are holiday homes or second homes. If you’re thinking of buying an additional property, consider these questions first of all.