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  • How do I Turn my Home into a rental?

  • Here are some steps to help you turn your home into a rental. 1. Weigh the Pros and Cons Turning your home into a rental property is a big commitment. Realistically evaluate if owning rental property is something you can handle at the moment.

  • How do you build a house?

  • The very first step to building a house is buying the ideal plot of land for your new dwelling. Think about where you檇 like to build. Do you want to live in the country with a large yard? Do you want to build a house in a growing development with a developer? Does the land already have access to utilities like water, sewer, and electricity?

  • Who should you hire to build your new home?

  • The first person you檒l need to hire is the general contractor or a custom home builder. They will oversee the construction of your home from start to finish. Their duties include:

  • Is owning a rental property a good idea?

  • Owning rental property can help set you up for financial success but converting your home into a rental and becoming a landlord can be intimidating at first. However, with some patience, research, and communication with the appropriate professionals, it certainly doable.