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Display rent,lease duration and required fees. Make sure prospective renters can afford your property by clearly stating the asking rent,application fee,security deposit,utilities and lease term.Include the square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. …Highlight any recent upgrades and desirable home features. Things like storage,flooring material and energy-efficient upgrades will help set your listing apart from the rest when you advertise your house …Mention any restrictions. Pet owners will pass over listings where pets are non-negotiable ?which immediately excludes 53% of all prospective renters according to the Zillow Group Report.

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  • How should I advertise my rental property?

  • Deciding how to advertise a rental property should revolve around the prospective tenants you have identified. Any marketing materials or efforts should reflect the common interests or requirements for your future tenants.

  • Where can I advertise my property on Rightmove?

  • is now advertising their properties on Our fee’s are also staying at the cheapest rate of 40 plus vat per property (ADVERTISING UNTIL LET).

  • How do I market my Home for rent?

  • When marketing your home for rent, emphasize its unique features, such as its look, special rooms or inclusions from past owners, and the space it has. You may also be wise to highlight its accessible location (if applicable) relative to freeways, its proximity to the city, or how close it is to downtown attractions.

  • Can I advertise a house to rent without a period?

  • You can advertise a room to rent, house to rent, apartment to rent, commercial property, or even land – we offer the same great service to find you tenants whatever the property. There is a misrepresentation of advertising showing for the information you have which the offer does not have a period ‘until let’.