People also ask

  • Do you have to pay rent directly to the Council?

  • Your rent will be paid directly by the council, not the occupying tenant irrelevant to whether the council is being paid by the tenant or not. Furthermore, the council are seeing more and more professionals such as teachers, nurses and executives applying for council properties as the London private rental market is heightened.

  • How do I get paid housing benefit by my Council?

  • The way you get paid Housing Benefit by your council depends on the type of tenant you are. If you檙e a: council tenant, it paid into your rent account (you will not receive the money) private or housing association tenant, it paid into your bank or building society account (rarely by cheque)

  • How much can a landlord charge for affordable rent?

  • Council and housing association landlords can also charge up to 80% of market rents on some of their homes, usually new-build properties. This is called affordable rent. You can usually claim one of the following benefits to help with rent if you have a low income:

  • How often do Council or housing association rents go up?

  • Council and housing association rents usually go up every April. Your landlord usually has to give you at least four weeks’ notice in writing before a rent increase. They don’t have to consult you about proposed increases. Check your tenancy agreement to see what it says about how the rent can be increased.