People also ask

  • How much of my rent can I claim on Housing Benefit?

  • 25% of the ‘eligible rent’ for two (2) or more spare bedrooms. An Example: Supposing your eligible rent was 100 per week and your home has one spare bedroom. According to Housing Benefit rules you might get 50 in benefits and you would pay the other 50.

  • What is eligible rent for Housing Benefit?

  • Eligible rent is the maximum amount of Housing Benefit we can pay you regardless how much your rent is. If you are renting from a local council or from a housing association then eligible rent equals gross rent minus ineligible service charges (service charges you pay that are not towards communal costs).

  • How is Housing Benefit paid to tenants?

  • The local council pay Housing Benefit payments to: Council tenants: Into the rent account (you will not receive the money). Private tenants: Into a bank or building society account (rarely paid by a cheque). The government benefit cap limits the amount of benefit that most people can get between the ages of 16 and 64.

  • How much rent am I entitled to If I rent privately?

  • If you rent privately, your eligible rent amount is either your Local Housing Allowance ( LHA) rate or your actual rent, whichever is lower. The LHA rate is based on: How much you get depends on: If you檝e been getting Housing Benefit since before 7 April 2008, these limits only apply if you: