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Find your perfect vacation rental in Bali: from$17 per night $119 per nightHouse 鈭?4 guests 鈭?2 bedrooms

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  • Can you rent a house in Bali for a year?

  • Bali Long Term Rental We offer a selection of Bali long term rental properties in Bali most popular areas, including Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Canggu and Ubud. Many people choose to make their home in Bali or at least for part of the year and for most, renting is the best option.

  • Is it difficult to search for a Bali villa on your own?

  • Searching on your own is a difficult task that can involve many problems. We make sure our clients find the villa they are looking for and protect them from mistakes in rental contracts. With our help you will be sure of a beautiful and affordable Bali villa, without any troubles with stressful contracts.

  • Where is the best place to live in Bali?

  • Best Living Locations The most popular locations of Bali to live according to expats are Canggu, Umalas, Seminyak, Sanur, Kerobokan and Ubud. These locations offer the best facilities needed for a carefree stay on Bali. Our yearly and monthly rental villas are mostly located in these areas of Bali.

  • What are the different types of accommodation in Bali?

  • If you would prefer something else, you can search and compare many other available options, such as house rentals, which are another popular type of accommodation in Bali. While hotel rooms in Bali have an average size of 680 ft, house rentals have an average size of 3,660 ft.