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  • How much should you charge for rent when selling your home?

  • If your home is worth $100,000 or less, it best to charge rent that close to 1% of your home value. If your house is more expensive, however, (meaning that it worth over $350,000) it a good idea to charge less rent so that you can attract more buyers.

  • How do I price my rental property?

  • 1. How should I price my rental? To determine your rent price, consider local rent control laws, the rental rates of homes in your area (rental comps), the features of your home and changes in your local market. To get a quick starting point, try our free Rent Zestimate tool.

  • What is a realistic rent price for your home?

  • For homes worth significantly less than the median U.S. value, you probably want to set a rental price closer to 1.1%. For homes worth more, 0.8% is perhaps a more realistic rent price. If housing prices are up and the inventory is low, the demand for rentals also goes up. The same is true in the opposite direction.

  • Is it worth it to rent out your house?

  • Renting out your house might be worth considering, especially if you檙e ready to relocate and you檙e opposed to selling. Picking up a tenant could help you pay off your mortgage more quickly. Then, you could put the money you檝e earned toward a financial goal, like perhaps into a retirement account.