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The earnest deposit is typically2% of the total value of the property,or an amount equivalent to the first month rent. Once it paid,the landlord is not allowed to rent it to anyone else.

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  • Do you have to pay deposit to rent a house?

  • Many landlords require the security deposit and first month rent (and sometimes last month rent too) before they檒l give you keys. Landlords set security deposits to protect them from damage and non-payment.

  • How much is a security deposit for a rental property?

  • According to the Zillow Group Housing Trends Report 2020, 88% of renters pay a security deposit, and the typical security deposit amount is $700. While a security deposit isn required by law, it can be a good practice to collect one in accordance with the laws in your city and state to financially protect you and your rental property.

  • How much is a holding deposit when renting with other people?

  • If you檙e renting with other people you should only be charged one holding deposit between you. For example, if 2 people rent together and the weekly rent is 150, the total holding deposit would be 150.

  • What is a tenancy deposit and how much is it?

  • A tenancy deposit is different from a holding deposit which you pay to reserve a property. From 1 June 2019, the maximum tenancy deposit is equal to 5 weeks’ rent. This limit applies to deposits taken from all assured shorthold tenants, lodgers and students in halls of residence as long as the yearly rent is less than 50,000.