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$900 a month

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  • How much is the hype house worth?

  • The Hype House (more like mansion) is worth a hefty $5million. The property rent is paid for by the brand deals they do on Hype House social media channels. Everyone living there is held to a certain expectation to all equally contribute worthy content.

  • How much does Jake Paul’s hype house cost?

  • Jake Paul’s previous Team 10 house alone was sold for $7.4 million after Jake originally purchased it for $6.9 million and FaZe Banks’ infamous Clout house is estimated to cost almost $4 million, according to this Zillow listing of the house. The Hype House is located in LA. The Hype House is literally worth the hype.

  • Do the members of hype house live in the mansion?

  • While the Hype House is often seen in their TikTok videos, only a few of the members actually live in the mansion. Founders Petrou and Hudson are the usual mainstays but other members still go home to their own families and just mostly visit the mansion when they are filming TikToks. Where is Hype House, the TikTok mansion?

  • Where is 榟ype house?filmed?

  • Where is Hype House filmed? Hype House is filmed in Moorpark, California. However, the exact address of the property has not been disclosed. We do know that the property that the TikTok stars live in is in a gated community and sits on 20 acres of land, with 11,293 sq. ft. of available living space, as reported by The Cinemaholic.