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$800 to $6,000

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  • How much does it cost to rent a senior apartment?

  • The number of senior renters is growing nationwide, and senior renters are projected to reach 31 percent of the rental population by 2035. The average cost of senior apartments ranges from $800 to $6,000 for luxury apartments in some states. I檝e compiled approximate prices for market-rate senior apartments below, but prices will vary.

  • How much would my rent be?

  • How much would my rent be? How much would my rent be? For Section 8, Public Housing, and other affordable housing subsidy programs, your monthly rent payment is generally 30% of the household’s monthly gross income, but there are other factors that can determine your rent.

  • What is the senior citizen deduction for renting an apartment?

  • Senior citizens are eligible for an extra elderly deduction or allowance under Department of Housing and Urban Development rules when they rent HUD-subsidized apartments. The deduction applies if either the head of the household, or the spouse thereof, is 62 or older.

  • Is it cheaper to rent or own a home for seniors?

  • For example, with housing, if you currently own a home, it might be cheaper to rent a senior apartment or live in independent senior housing. Owning a home involves paying for maintenance, property taxes, and repairs, which may be costly if the home is older.